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Why I love Madhuri Dixt, Kajol and Hrithik Roshan!

The smile is vivacious and contagious, the eyes twinkling and there is absolutely no pretense. She comes across as she is, uninhibited. She is gorgeous in an unconventional way.  That’s Kajol for you.  Madhuri, on the other hand, is a beauty, a stunner, a diva and an epitome of grace and poise.  Say dance and you cannot miss out hearing Madhuri along with that.  Drop dead handsome man with international looks and India’s answer to the slew of Hollywood superheroes. That’s Hrithik Roshan for you. Oh and who can forget that Hrithik too, like Madhuri is synonymous with dance! All these three I feel have one thing in common despite their oh-so-huge fan following and appeal. I seriously feel these 3, even though they are so popular and are worshipped by their fans (like me) and have men and women going berserk at just a sight of them , seem very grounded. They seem to have this inherent sense of goodness. And it shows in their public appearances, interviews.. If one is to approach them, t…

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

I had goosebumps since the first scene when Farhaan Akhtar walks into the stadium in Rome as Milkha Singh, known as Flying Sikh. From then on, the film ran for me and how! Yes, I liked the film! More than the film, it was the extremely talented Farhaan Akhtar who stole the show. He is almost an embodiment of all that the legend was, every bit in the film – physically and mentally. His physical transformation has been unbelievable! I had condemned people who had put facebook status like please send Farhaan Akhtar for Olympics next time around for running. But after I saw the film and the way the actor has run, I too felt the same! The screenplay is slightly complicated and some aspects have been made very simplistic. The one aspect I didn’t like was Dalip Tahil as Pandit Nehru. And I felt sad when Milkha Singh loses the podium by a whisker in Rome Olympics. The length too could have been a bit short, but then the sporting legend’s story definitely deserves that much time. Right from th…

Indian Cricket - Youth Brigade Unleashed!

Yes, it is been a week since India won the ICC Champions Trophy, much like a breeze. It never seemed for a moment that India was not a potential contender for the crown. Right from the practice matches to the final against England, India was always in the hunt for the crown. Dhoni, sporting salt and pepper hair and stubble can now definitely say even at this age that ‘yeh baal aivin safed nahi huye – ICC World Cup, T-20 World Cup aur ICC Champions Trophy – I have all that on my kitty. Truly enough, Dhoni’s astute captaincy and immaculate reading of the game has paid rich dividends. He has also got a fantastic support from the team which is brimming with youth, enthusiasm and adequate aggression. The likes of Kohli, Raina, Jadeja, Dinesh Kartik, Rohit Sharma and Dhawan have imparted the much needed edge to the fielding and even batting. Captain cool almost always has an answer to tough situations the team gets into. Yes, his decisions sometimes have drawn flak and serious critique some…

Of a Grizzly Man & a Superb Filmmaker

The film opens with a typical blonde, decent looking American guy talking to umm, yeah huge, brown, grizzly bears a few inches away. Yes, it was a kind of revelation for me as to what extent of craziness people can go, while watching this documentary called The Grizzly Man. Directed by renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog, the documentary chronicles the life and times of Timothy Treadwell, a grizzly bear enthusiast. The film starts off with the glorification of Treadwell, his bravado and his undying love and concern for grizzly bears in Southern Alaska. The narrative revolves around Treadwell’s capturing of video footage of grizzly bears, which spans almost around 100 hours. What was interesting was that the film started with glorifying Treadwell and it gradually portrayed him in a completely different light, albeit very subtly. Initially, it appears as if how amazing Treadwell is, what fantastic work is he doing. Gradually, the paradox and irony and absurdity in what he does is put fort…

Once again, My Niece

So now, my niece, Anika is almost an year old! All the quintessential baby things are being gradually shunned and I am sure before we all know it, she would grow into a fine young lady. But right now she is the naughtiest and most lively 10 month almost to be 11 month old kid I have ever seen. She now recognizes all her close ones, from her grandparents to great grandparents to me, her aunt. It has been fascinating to see her grow. It is like raw, unprocessed clay is being given shape into a beautiful pot. With the design on the outside getting intricate with every single day. I mean every time I see her photographs from when she had just arrived in the world, I wonder is that the same kid? Which had crinkled open its eyes barely. From that day to this day, it has been an amazing journey, for her I guess and for her parents. Her growth and development, touchwood is great.. she now eats mashed roti and daal and rice too!  I can see the pride and joy in my sister-in-law’s eyes whenever h…

The Big Fat Indian Marriage – Idiotic Process

Your parents, grandparents, close relatives.  All of them are waiting with bated breath as to when do you turn 24 or thereabouts. They want to see you in the wedlock. In a few cases even younger – this applies to girls, though! For guys it is somewhere around 27. So, once you pass that threshold, all hell breaks loose. If you have been smart enough and have found someone yourself, you are in a better position and less hell will break loose. Even then one cannot predict, there is an epidemic called commitment phobia these days. However, if by chance you have not been a smarty pant in your college hay days and have not been able to patao someone, you are in for a hell of a ride. The road to matrimony is not a cake walk!  It is like that hurdles event in athletics, for most part.  Your parents start searching with zeal and optimism. It stays, but not for long. The prospective brides and grooms join too with enthusiasm, Soon enough, though it dies down. The search becomes limited to weeke…

Of Oz Cricketers, Homework and Team performance!

There was funny and weird news about cricket Australia yesterday. Shane Watson, the vice captain along with three other Australian cricketers were axed from the team yesterday. All because those poor fellas did not or could not come up with a presentation involving mere 3 points to enhance  their performance and subsequently help Australia perform better. While on one hand coach Arthur’s being miffed is justified, as it seems to some extent that the players are perhaps not serious about the job they are assigned. On the other hand I feel that axing these potentially talented players was uncalled for. 
Honestly I think they can judge themselves better. Probably they felt that rather than writing some stuff down or making a presentation, they would be better off actually playing! Seeing this whole episode I was wondering what if this had happened with women’s cricket team in India, I am sure the coach would not have been able to afford losing 4 players from the side given the paltry nu…

Pondering Over the Best Books of all Time

Writing about the best books of all time, I want to mention something first here. Just recently dropped in at Crossword Book Store in Pune and was astounded and happy to find a whole range of new authors which included Indian ones too in a fair number.  I refrain myself a lot of times from stepping into a bookshop as I have this overpowering urge of buying the whole bookshop! All the same just going through these books I came across ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ (which I grabbed pronto!), which is considered to be a classic and one of the all time popular books. Unfortunately, there are so many books which are worth a read, it is intimidating! I mean every time someone asks have you read this book? It is a classic! And there I go. Another dent to my reading career! But here with this blog atleast I now know what am I missing out on, to some extent! Here is the list!
·To Kill a Mocking Bird – Harper Lee·Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoyevsky. ·War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy·Wuthering Height…

Things to Check Before Buying a House

Was just wondering how it would be if I want to buy a house in India. I have no clue what goes into the whole process of signing a house agreement. So I thought I would dig some info. Buying a house is definitely not a cake walk. What with a zillion documents to sign (and an equal number required for the purchase), formalities to be done and basically running from pillar to post, any home buyer would tell you that it surely gets to your nerves. But hey, where is there ever any gain without pain? So for those looking for their heavenly abode, going through these scary motions of getting affidavits, loan approvals, registration etc is inevitable. The only good news is that if you know what all to take care of before signing house contract, then the whole process will be a tad easier. So what all should a first time home buyer be looking at prior to signing on the dotted line? Here are a few basics.
The Good ‘Deed’ Checking the title deed of the property is of utmost importance, to begin wi…

Driverless Car! Thanks to Google!

Well, guys it is time to gear up for a nice ride! No actually, you don’t need to, especially if you are looking at driving a car. The reason? Ladies and gentlemen please brace yourselves to welcome Google’s driverless car! But maybe, few years from now! Google, tussi great ho! I don’t know how many of you have read about this driverless car, so I just thought I will share a thing or two about this amazing new development I read about on the Forbes Magazine portal. To begin with, hold your breath, as this car has potential worth trillions. While on the one hand this monumental development has in store business opportunities which can overshadow the current search engine leader, at the same time it will have serious repercussions on auto related businesses. On the brighter side there are claims that such a wonder car can –    Decrease the number of traffic accidents   Time and energy wasted on commuting from one place to other and   Reduction in the number of cars
So basically, if such w…

Justice Finally, But is it Worth Really?

The morning dawned with splashing of news of former Haryana CM Prakash Chautala and his son’s arrest all over the news channels, online news portals and any other news medium one could think of. It was just interesting to notice the irony in our political scenario. While a certain party supremo is let off and has regained his position, the other is now going to have face imprisonment. The judgement was passed amid a lot of violence outside Rohini Delhi Court complex. Teachers' recruitment scam landed the 78 year old politician in trouble along with his son. Well, der aaye, but is it durust aaye? No doubt this is a welcome decision as far as curbing corruption goes.  But what about the other politician whose corrupt practices were blatantly proved? He was let off and he is slated to be reinstated to his previous position. It is such an irony really. And to add to it, there was this breach of ceasefire agreement between us and Pakistan. And suddenly as one my favouritest (I know th…

Finally, a Good Win for Dhoni and Co.

Yes, finally, a well deserved victory for the Men in Blue yesterday on 15 January. Perhaps the fact that I was completely indifferent about it helped! :P  I have been told that whenever I am not interested and not watching India match, we win! So much for superstition! On a serious note, the spark which was not seen in our players for quite some time, (inspite of being there) shone well on a reasonably pleasant afternoon in Kochi.  A poor run of performances was finally given a full stop, for the time being. Even as there were a couple of things to be worried about, India got it right for most part in yesterday’s encounter. It was not at all heartening to see the likes of Gambhir and Rahane failing to click and deny India a good start once again. But propelled by Chandigarh Southpaw Yuvraj Singh, Virat Kohli, Raina, Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja, India put on a formidable score – 285 on the scoreboard. Kudos to them! Dernbach had his last laugh, which was actually very early in the day, …

Where is Our Society Heading Towards?

RAPE. This is the only thing I am reading about these days. And as if the whole incident was not gut wrenching enough, anyone who thinks he or she is an authority on Bharatiya Sanskruti, is going on a rampage giving advice to the fairer sex. From wearing Burkhas to chanting mantras to migrating to rural areas, everything (only condition is that it has to be outright outrageous) has been suggested to girls to avoid being raped, molested and murdered, with incomprehensible and unimaginable brutality (in a few cases). Candle light vigils, protest marches and other acts of defiance notwithstanding, I really wonder how much will it help. I totally support these acts of solidarity, but will it ever be able to transform the draconian laws and the stereotypical male mindset? In one of the columns in a leading English daily by a luminary on social affairs a couple of days back a very valid point was raised. The column said that unless and until women are looked at as individual entities, deta…