Why I love Madhuri Dixt, Kajol and Hrithik Roshan!

The smile is vivacious and contagious, the eyes twinkling and there is absolutely no pretense. She comes across as she is, uninhibited. She is gorgeous in an unconventional way.  That’s Kajol for you.  Madhuri, on the other hand, is a beauty, a stunner, a diva and an epitome of grace and poise.  Say dance and you cannot miss out hearing Madhuri along with that.  Drop dead handsome man with international looks and India’s answer to the slew of Hollywood superheroes. That’s Hrithik Roshan for you. Oh and who can forget that Hrithik too, like Madhuri is synonymous with dance! All these three I feel have one thing in common despite their oh-so-huge fan following and appeal. I seriously feel these 3, even though they are so popular and are worshipped by their fans (like me) and have men and women going berserk at just a sight of them , seem very grounded. They seem to have this inherent sense of goodness. And it shows in their public appearances, interviews.. If one is to approach them, they could, perhaps.

I was just watching this Kajol’s interview the other day and it was a delight to watch her. Since it was a Marathi news channel, she was speaking in Marathi. At least, she was trying to. She was so natural, genuine and sincere about the whole thing that her linguistic flaws didn’t matter at all. When the reporter used some difficult Marathi words, she laughed and playfully confessed that she couldn’t understand a word of what he was saying! Even the reporter laughed. It was such a pleasure. She was simply adorable.
Adorable is the word which can be used for Madhuri too. I just love her to bits.  I wonder how she manages kids and home plus her acting commitments with such ease. She seems so at ease and peace. And dance, oh. What does one say. One raised eyebrow, a shrugged shoulder and roll of eyes and you are done. I am always bamboozled when I think how effortlessly she manages to dance so well.  It is like a dream, a poetry. I think her innate goodness and sincerity and genuineness shows in her every move and the way she conducts herself on screen and off screen. I am hooked on to tv when she is there – be it her crappiest song, so to say. But her mere presence is enough for me.  She is ultimate benchmark for dancing prowess and beauty for me in bollywood.
The same applies to Hrithik Roshan – super dancer, great looks, good acting! He is a demi-god! He was mind blowing in Krrish 3 as the superhero. He dances like a dream! You could just watch him dance for eternity. He also looks so much grounded and appears to be like the guy next door.  You could perhaps walk upto him and say, “Man, I love you! You are simply fantastic.” He would not mind I feel! His eyes have such warmth and compassion.  And to believe that he used to stammer as a young kid! Shows that if you really are determined and focused, you can have it all!
These 3 are more than bollywood actors for me. They, for me are the proof that bollywood has individuals like us, who are beyond the spotlight, the make-up and the whole brouhaha. 


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