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Once again, My Niece

So now, my niece, Anika is almost an year old! All the quintessential baby things are being gradually shunned and I am sure before we all know it, she would grow into a fine young lady. But right now she is the naughtiest and most lively 10 month almost to be 11 month old kid I have ever seen. She now recognizes all her close ones, from her grandparents to great grandparents to me, her aunt. It has been fascinating to see her grow. It is like raw, unprocessed clay is being given shape into a beautiful pot. With the design on the outside getting intricate with every single day. I mean every time I see her photographs from when she had just arrived in the world, I wonder is that the same kid? Which had crinkled open its eyes barely. From that day to this day, it has been an amazing journey, for her I guess and for her parents. Her growth and development, touchwood is great.. she now eats mashed roti and daal and rice too!  I can see the pride and joy in my sister-in-law’s eyes whenever h…