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Another Comeback!

Well, i am back again after what seems like is the month of July again and i am sitting here churning out episode after episode of a marathi daily, on saam tv..I am happy and telling myself that i am 150 episodes old and still going strong..:) Never thought i would be doing this and would reach this far, although there is still a long way to go..i am just an infant when it comes to screenplay writing! it is tough at times! It is interesting and creative too! it is amazing to see what you have conceived on tv! But the show biz is not one for the faint hearted or weak minded..It is a field for the fighters and survivors, this is what i have realized from whatever exposure i have got writing for tv..i have yet to find out if i am one of them, the go getters..Perhaps, by next blog, i might be able to come to a conclusion about that!