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She arrives with Aplomb, a la Goddess

It was almost a couple of days since my sister-in-law was admitted to the hospital for her much awaited delivery. Assumptions, predictions (about the delivery and sex of the baby) and visits by the gynaecologist to my sister in law’s room flew thick and fast. We were getting slightly edgy, as even induced labour pain did not seem to have had an effect on the little one inside. It was 5th June when my sister in law was admitted to the hospital and till morning of 7th June it was status quo. It was expected that most probably 7 th would be the day, but when we didn’t know. The would be born baby’s grandparents were stationed 24X7 in the hospital, while the father and aunt were doing periodic but regular rounds. It was again, a day of anticipation on 7th, as I got up in the morning, having come back the previous evening. I got up, did all my morning stuff, breakfast, etc and I settled down to write (in all readiness), as was my routine. I had just switched my laptop on and was getting in…