Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

I had goosebumps since the first scene when Farhaan Akhtar walks into the stadium in Rome as Milkha Singh, known as Flying Sikh. From then on, the film ran for me and how! Yes, I liked the film! More than the film, it was the extremely talented Farhaan Akhtar who stole the show. He is almost an embodiment of all that the legend was, every bit in the film – physically and mentally. His physical transformation has been unbelievable! I had condemned people who had put facebook status like please send Farhaan Akhtar for Olympics next time around for running. But after I saw the film and the way the actor has run, I too felt the same! The screenplay is slightly complicated and some aspects have been made very simplistic. The one aspect I didn’t like was Dalip Tahil as Pandit Nehru. And I felt sad when Milkha Singh loses the podium by a whisker in Rome Olympics. The length too could have been a bit short, but then the sporting legend’s story definitely deserves that much time. Right from the time a young Milkha Singh had to leave his village during the tumultuous time of partition to the first time he valiantly competes with a national sprinter at a training academy, everything has been well crafted. Rather, Farhaan Akhtar’s convincing performance has added that credibility to the saga of flying Sikh. Compassion, Pain, determination, anger, remorse, helplessness, insecurity and the attitude of being happy-go-lucky – the lead actor emotes these sentiments exceedingly well.

The lead actor’s histrionics are supported superbly by Divya Dutta and Pawan Malhotra who play his sister and coach respectively. These two actors have delivered an excellent performance. Even though their characters had the scope to go overboard with emotions, neither of them has let that happen. And the fact that they have not let that happen has made the impact. The background score, music and lyrics have beautifully complemented the story. Siddharth Mahadevan makes a mark with ‘Zinda’ and how! ‘O Rangrez’ is a beautiful rendition by Shreya Ghoshal and Javed Bashir. The title track too is excellent. Basically, Shankar Ehsan Loy have done a great job! ‘Slow motion Angreza’ and ‘Havan Karenge’ makes you marvel (once again) at the lead actor’s effortless dancing skills.
All in all, an inspiring experience of a legend who deserved more credit and applause than he actually got. The film I am sure will take his story to every self respecting, honest and hardworking Indian. Thanks FA and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for giving us a glimpse of this legend’s exemplary saga of success and failure.


  1. While I liked the film, as well, I did find the unnecessary romanticisation in a few places to be jarring. For example, the love story between Milkha Singh and the Australian girl - it was put forward as the reason Milkha Singh lost, instead of a simple statement of fact - that he lost. I also found him singing and dancing in bars - cowboy songs, that too in Australia! - to be ludicrous.

    "(...) if you ask Milkha himself, he will tell you that the scene was pure fiction. He didn’t really meet a sweet Aussie girl and have a fling with her. There’'s a lot more in the film that was not fact,in fact: one of the songs Milkha and his compatriots sing while swilling beer in an Australian pub takes the whole creative liberties thing to a ridiculous degree."

    Source: How to Be a Sport

  2. hi.. yes, i absolutely agree.. that seems to be too far fetched.. but i feel that wtever the context, Mr. Akhtar is a fabulous actor and dancer.. :)


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