Once again, My Niece

So now, my niece, Anika is almost an year old! All the quintessential baby things are being gradually shunned and I am sure before we all know it, she would grow into a fine young lady. But right now she is the naughtiest and most lively 10 month almost to be 11 month old kid I have ever seen. She now recognizes all her close ones, from her grandparents to great grandparents to me, her aunt. It has been fascinating to see her grow. It is like raw, unprocessed clay is being given shape into a beautiful pot. With the design on the outside getting intricate with every single day. I mean every time I see her photographs from when she had just arrived in the world, I wonder is that the same kid? Which had crinkled open its eyes barely. From that day to this day, it has been an amazing journey, for her I guess and for her parents. Her growth and development, touchwood is great.. she now eats mashed roti and daal and rice too! 
I can see the pride and joy in my sister-in-law’s eyes whenever her daughter regales all of us with her super cute antics, right from crawling to trying to walk and babble. Her father, my brother completely adores his girl child, why, he is besotted by his darling daughter. He is a totally doting father and one look or smile by him is enough for Anika to get her crawling in top speed to her father! I am sure much more is in store for this daddy’s girl! As far as I am concerned, there is nothing else than her which gives me immense joy.  If I do not see here for a week or so, I get extremely restless! I even have withdrawal symptoms! She is very expressive and responds exceedingly well to whatever conversation we have with her. Such a delight she is!
I wonder what she would do when she starts talking? She is going to blow all of our brains out with her questions and queries about life! And she already looks so pretty, I mean more than any of the kids of that age I have seen! I am sure guys are going to drool over her when she grows up! Should we be worried about that? Aah I don’t think so!
At the same time I feel kids these days grow up real fast. I am afraid all her innocence and the cuteness will be gone in no time.. but I believe there is still some time for that. Till then it will be deriving pleasure out of her all pervading presence in our lives..We will now shortly gear up to celebrate her first birthday! Cannot wait for it! Time flies! Whew! Never mind, still love you darling niece, once again! 


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