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The Big Fat Indian Marriage – Idiotic Process

Your parents, grandparents, close relatives.  All of them are waiting with bated breath as to when do you turn 24 or thereabouts. They want to see you in the wedlock. In a few cases even younger – this applies to girls, though! For guys it is somewhere around 27. So, once you pass that threshold, all hell breaks loose. If you have been smart enough and have found someone yourself, you are in a better position and less hell will break loose. Even then one cannot predict, there is an epidemic called commitment phobia these days. However, if by chance you have not been a smarty pant in your college hay days and have not been able to patao someone, you are in for a hell of a ride. The road to matrimony is not a cake walk!  It is like that hurdles event in athletics, for most part.  Your parents start searching with zeal and optimism. It stays, but not for long. The prospective brides and grooms join too with enthusiasm, Soon enough, though it dies down. The search becomes limited to weeke…

Of Oz Cricketers, Homework and Team performance!

There was funny and weird news about cricket Australia yesterday. Shane Watson, the vice captain along with three other Australian cricketers were axed from the team yesterday. All because those poor fellas did not or could not come up with a presentation involving mere 3 points to enhance  their performance and subsequently help Australia perform better. While on one hand coach Arthur’s being miffed is justified, as it seems to some extent that the players are perhaps not serious about the job they are assigned. On the other hand I feel that axing these potentially talented players was uncalled for. 
Honestly I think they can judge themselves better. Probably they felt that rather than writing some stuff down or making a presentation, they would be better off actually playing! Seeing this whole episode I was wondering what if this had happened with women’s cricket team in India, I am sure the coach would not have been able to afford losing 4 players from the side given the paltry nu…