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Come Back

Well, its been a very long time dearest blog since i exploited your blank white space with the umpteen words in my kitty. Normally i am so short on words after i finish my day's quota of articles that i am sapped of my typing energy. But today after a long time i got this adrenaline rush to write on my blog.. (i guess credit goes to my sister in law). Thus, coming back to happenings in my life, nothing much is happening in life, at the same time, there is something happening in the website office i work for everyday. Each day comes with a promise for a 'happening' at the workplace. Apart from that, one of my best buddies from the Pune Universty will hopefully be in town by tomorrow. I have great buddies in the office too and we make things bearable for each other. While we three (me and my other two buddies the office) stumble upon every single day, our trinity seems to be 'fevicol ka majbot jod hai tootega nahi', atleast as of now. Dunno where life will take us, b…