Justice Finally, But is it Worth Really?

The morning dawned with splashing of news of former Haryana CM Prakash Chautala and his son’s arrest all over the news channels, online news portals and any other news medium one could think of. It was just interesting to notice the irony in our political scenario. While a certain party supremo is let off and has regained his position, the other is now going to have face imprisonment. The judgement was passed amid a lot of violence outside Rohini Delhi Court complex. Teachers' recruitment scam landed the 78 year old politician in trouble along with his son. Well, der aaye, but is it durust aaye? No doubt this is a welcome decision as far as curbing corruption goes.  But what about the other politician whose corrupt practices were blatantly proved? He was let off and he is slated to be reinstated to his previous position. It is such an irony really. And to add to it, there was this breach of ceasefire agreement between us and Pakistan. And suddenly as one my favouritest (I know this word does not exist but cannot help using it) author, Shobhaa De, opined Nirbhaya and Delhi gang rape case is out of limelight and rapes are happily being committed. Wow! This is all so awesome. I hope this turmoil on all front soon gets over and some peace prevails. OHH and yes, The ever charismatic and dimpled Rahul Gandhi was made the Congress Vice President after a huff and puff. Finally! It is however, to be seen as to how he connects with the young and restless India. I really think our leaders should come out of their isolation and disconnectedness from the common man and take a cue or two from the honourable President of United States. We can certainly do away with administrators who are not restricted to a wheel chair.


  1. what are these Gurus going to teach their students? Corruption!! No, hang on... that is in our bloodstream... it is so deep-seated... We come a culture where Guru is more respected than god... sadly those values are long lost...


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