Driverless Car! Thanks to Google!

Well, guys it is time to gear up for a nice ride! No actually, you don’t need to, especially if you are looking at driving a car. The reason? Ladies and gentlemen please brace yourselves to welcome Google’s driverless car! But maybe, few years from now! Google, tussi great ho! I don’t know how many of you have read about this driverless car, so I just thought I will share a thing or two about this amazing new development I read about on the Forbes Magazine portal. To begin with, hold your breath, as this car has potential worth trillions. While on the one hand this monumental development has in store business opportunities which can overshadow the current search engine leader, at the same time it will have serious repercussions on auto related businesses. On the brighter side there are claims that such a wonder car can –
  •    Decrease the number of traffic accidents
  •    Time and energy wasted on commuting from one place to other and
  •    Reduction in the number of cars

So basically, if such world class cars by Google come about, we will have safer roads, where in the deaths, injuries and direct implications of road accidents would be significantly reduced. All these things would come as a huge relief for WHO. According to studies and statistics on road traffic mishaps by WHO, road traffic injuries is going to be fifth major cause of worldwide death by year 2030, making up for 3.6% in all. Now, this car could be good news for developing countries like India, as we would not have to reproduce car centric infrastructure characteristic to the western world. And save a lot of money! Ha! Hah! Google’s driverless car will also aid in reducing pollution! But this will be bad news for spare part dealers, emergency care centres in hospitals, car insurance providers or even the need for a car which is very strong enough to take a real beating by another one.
It will be amazing and interesting to see how the colossal car related investments are channelized if some of the basic assumptions were based on this driverless car! In a nutshell folks, such a car not just makes for a fabulous paradigmatic shift in auto technology, but  it could render tremendous socio-economic advantages the world over.
I will vroom off here! Will keep you posted on this!


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