Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Come Back

Well, its been a very long time dearest blog since i exploited your blank white space with the umpteen words in my kitty. Normally i am so short on words after i finish my day's quota of articles that i am sapped of my typing energy. But today after a long time i got this adrenaline rush to write on my blog.. (i guess credit goes to my sister in law). Thus, coming back to happenings in my life, nothing much is happening in life, at the same time, there is something happening in the website office i work for everyday. Each day comes with a promise for a 'happening' at the workplace. Apart from that, one of my best buddies from the Pune Universty will hopefully be in town by tomorrow. I have great buddies in the office too and we make things bearable for each other. While we three (me and my other two buddies the office) stumble upon every single day, our trinity seems to be 'fevicol ka majbot jod hai tootega nahi', atleast as of now. Dunno where life will take us, but still... We make glorious plans and then we laugh over the frivolity of those plans, gossip, bitch about people and drool over Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp and the likes. Someday, i want to have my own media house and so do these two. A place where people will do anything to get a breakthrough or foot hold in..SOOn, pretty soon i hope..and then there will be a lipstick jungle in the sex and the city!!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Brother and my Best Buddy.. Are you watching us?

Seems ages since i have written anything on my blog. But i write so much these days that I am almost 'wordless' to write anything on my blog.. Nevertheless.. Its a Friday evening and the thought of a long weekend than usual is nothing but relaxing. Freaks me out to the core! The reason i thought i should write this blog is because Varun would have been 27 today. Wow! I think he would even have got married or surely would have found someone! His birthday, I dread it for the sheer fact that i wont be able to cope with the memories of my darling brother, whom i miss immeasurably. At the same time i am telling myself that it is time to revel in his fond memories - the innumerable summers spent together in our years of growing up to chatting on yahoo as tech savvy teenagers. He was the only one I could share almost anything I wanted to and felt, from telling him about my first crush to how i goofed up my maths exam. Now as an adult, every major event in my life [though there is hardly any ;) ] is punctuated by the thought 'i wish he was here' or 'how happy he would have been to be here at this juncture'. But he is not to be found anywhere. I am sure he is smiling with his dimples, where ever he is. I hope he knows we miss him..inexpressibly. Varun was a fantastic bro, a great friend, a whacky but a good son nonetheless and the apple of everyone's eye. I am sure he was the life of parties he and his friends had. I wish could sit and share a nice drink or two with him, now, at this age, sharing our thoughts over life- as we know it. However, all said and done, i will always remember him as a smiling adult, full of zeal and love for his near and dear ones. Although i was elder to him, he never hesitated in giving me the gyaan that I should stop cribbing about frivolous things! I used to realize then how stupid i was being and how mature he is in some ways. He was in all senses, my best (est) buddy and confidante. His mom used to call us inseparable ! I wonder if we were twins in our previous birth!
All this notwithstanding, one question pops up in my mind every now and then... Why did he have to go? Is it really that he was everyone's favorite and was god a human being, so god wants such people? Anyway..Happy Birthday Darling Bro.. Love You... LOADS..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dial M for Maharashtrian?

Well, this is my first blog, so I guess, I would go with writing about what I saw latest. So here goes…
I guess what with regional or to be more specific linguistic identities getting stronger and stronger and the political scenario being what it is, it was no wonder that a movie on the current political and social turmoil in Maharashtra would be made sooner or later. Well the reason I gave this long circuitous intro was because I recently saw this Marathi film ((being a true Maharashtrian that I am) “ Mi Shivaji Raje Bhosle Boltoy”.
It was a total propaganda in favour of the ‘marathi manoos’ with the protagonist imagining himself getting some much needed advice from the ultimate icon of a Maharashtrain- Chattrapati Shivaji. The king prompts the protagonist (a middle class, god fearing and sincere Marathi fellow being sniggered at by those who are largely responsible for running Mumbai- the Gujratis, Marwadis, Sindhis and Punjabis) to stand up for himself.
It is a very clever movie, which entwines some of the facts which have led an average middle class Maharashtrian to be almost non-existent in a Mumbai full of non Maharashtrians. On the other hand it comes to an exaggerated conclusion where a marathi producer has changed his name to a Marwadi/Sindhi name so that it doesn’t seem down market! ( How ridiculous! )
The protagonist is made to realize that to some extent this non existent marathi manoos is responsible for his own condition in this city of dreams by not dabbling into civil services like North Indians or into business like the adroit Marwadis and Sindhis etc.
To add to the issue of linguistic identity, this movie smoothly embarks to other teething issues in our country like corruption, apathetic attitude towards voting, and so on.
But all said and done, think the movie gives a very effective portrayal of the current socio- political scenario. Ultimately it’s the time for the quintessential ‘marathi manoos’ to do good for himself in the film and all is well that ends well!
Jai ho!