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My Brother and my Best Buddy.. Are you watching us?

Seems ages since i have written anything on my blog. But i write so much these days that I am almost 'wordless' to write anything on my blog.. Nevertheless.. Its a Friday evening and the thought of a long weekend than usual is nothing but relaxing. Freaks me out to the core! The reason i thought i should write this blog is because Varun would have been 27 today. Wow! I think he would even have got married or surely would have found someone! His birthday, I dread it for the sheer fact that i wont be able to cope with the memories of my darling brother, whom i miss immeasurably. At the same time i am telling myself that it is time to revel in his fond memories - the innumerable summers spent together in our years of growing up to chatting on yahoo as tech savvy teenagers. He was the only one I could share almost anything I wanted to and felt, from telling him about my first crush to how i goofed up my maths exam. Now as an adult, every major event in my life [though there is ha…