Of Oz Cricketers, Homework and Team performance!

There was funny and weird news about cricket Australia yesterday. Shane Watson, the vice captain along with three other Australian cricketers were axed from the team yesterday. All because those poor fellas did not or could not come up with a presentation involving mere 3 points to enhance  their performance and subsequently help Australia perform better. While on one hand coach Arthur’s being miffed is justified, as it seems to some extent that the players are perhaps not serious about the job they are assigned. On the other hand I feel that axing these potentially talented players was uncalled for. 

Honestly I think they can judge themselves better. Probably they felt that rather than writing some stuff down or making a presentation, they would be better off actually playing! Seeing this whole episode I was wondering what if this had happened with women’s cricket team in India, I am sure the coach would not have been able to afford losing 4 players from the side given the paltry number of players available for national team selection! That also reminds me of my trysts with little bit of cricket I played for my college and my city’s zonal team! On one hand, the 2-year period I was involved with my team was a total bliss as far as playing was concerned. Unfortunately on the other, the lack of enthusiasm and facilities for girls playing cricket was appalling. We travelled out of Pune for a couple of times to play matches and I have to say, that the arrangements made for us were not impressive to say the least. But as they say it is all in a day’s work. We were not to complain. Oh yes and we were paid a princely 300-400 Rs, I remember once! 
There was no fixed time as to when we would leave from Pune and reach back after playing matches, we travelled by state transport buses, which are horrible. All this notwithstanding, I cannot deny that the joy of playing and winning matches for my team was immense! I can never forget the first wicket I took in an inter college tournament! It was a caught and bowled! Nothing better for an offspinner to start off with! I also remember my disappointment and heart break when we had travelled outside Pune and had taken 4 wickets in an inter-zonal match. My captain had thrown the ball over to me and I had all the chances to scalp five in the match. Alas, the ball on the directions of our so called coach was given to another bowler. I lost a golden opportunity. Today I feel players like Jhulan Goswami, Mithali Raj are as good as members of men’s team. I think all they need is a bit more enthusiasm from the authorities and spectators! I wish there comes a time when Indian women’s cricket team coach can afford to axe 4 players and we still are left with a formidable side!


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