Being Single – Cool or Uncool?

Hmm…..This is one thing I have been wondering since quite some time now. How good or bad is it, being single. Well, depends what kind of people you are surrounded with. If you are surrounded by oh-so-much in love couples, sneaking private moments in public, you are sure to feel left out sometimes. In case you have a majority of friends who are single and ready to mingle, then life I think is a bit better.  The worst part, I feel about being single when your friends are either married or engaged is that they keep on telling you – ‘why don’t you do something?’ Haha, well? I really blow my brains off thinking what do they mean by do something? Do they mean I should carry a placard saying ‘Here! I am single, any takers there?’ or do they mean I should be on a man prowl or something by going around in discs and night clubs? Frankly, I am yet to find an answer. But one thing is for sure, when all your friends are taken, you miss out on the girl time you have spent earlier when they were single. Then there is this flipside too, which, I am really proud of, about myself. You do not get into a habit of relying on someone. – Honey, sweetu, shona, etc (whatever it is )please can you do this for me? I have to get a haircut. Can you come with me? No messieurs and madams, ah ah.. These cling on sentences are not for me!
I have slipped into the role of self sufficiency easily (though it is another story that I would love to utter the above sentences once in a while ;p) and I feel swell about it! Cut the crap about single people not being happy I say. At the same time, however, I don’t deny the fact that whenever I see my friends with their spouses and even kids in some cases, a thought about having that special someone crosses my mind fervently. One should definitely have someone to hold onto, isn’t it? And someone who pampers you and makes you feel special.
Nevertheless, being single has its highs and lows. Sometimes you so want to meet up with an old gal pal of yours and ‘BLAH!’ you get a reply saying ‘babe, so sorry, my hubby is going out of the city for work. Need to see him off, help with the packing.’ Poof! There goes your plan down the drain. At the same time it is good that you can do whatever you want, without any honey or sweetheart lurking around you via an iPhone or Blackberry. You can go anywhere unannounced and won’t need to ask someone whether a darn dress looks good on you or not! Or you can flirt if you will! There are so many other benefits of being single! All said and done though, I really haven’t quite found the answer as whether being single rocks or sucks. But one thing is for sure I do say to myself – ofcourse I love you, even after I find someone else!


  1. Hats off!! That's the Medha Godbole I know :) take a bow!

  2. Good stuff Medha. Loved the ending - as I did the rest of the article.

  3. Fantastic....Last line is...kamaal...


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