The Queen of Hearts!

Okay, now this has to be one of the most endearing films I have seen for a while. Yes, and that has to be Queen, of course. It was an absolute delight to watch that film. It made me realize the phrase totally- ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. Queen did seem to be completely non descript to say the least. But, voila! It had all that a film buff like me could ask for – drama, emotions, comedy and most of all, a realistic touch. I haven’t stopped thinking about the film and what lies at the core of the film ever since I came out of the theatre the other night after watching it.
What got me thinking was the sensitive, yet funny and non preachy yet a deep message which the film put across. It spoke about empowering women in a very subtle way, at the same time it was not like a bunch of overtly enthusiastic feminists breathing down your neck. It was all about a simple, naïve (Delhi girl (rare species) Rani (Queen) who has a desire to visit Paris from the bottom of her heart. She even has her honeymoon booked there with her future husband. Alas, destiny has something else in store for her. She heads for her honeymoon in one of the most romantic cities of the world alone. She is a girl who has never left her mohalla, in an area called Rajouri Garden.
Now the story gets interesting. It is simply a story of how a butterfly wrapped in cocoon comes into its own and spreads its wings and finds its way in this world. It is the saga of how Rani is exposed to an entirely unknown world and how she evolves as a girl, as a human being. At the same time it is amazing how she manages to retain her innocence and vulnerability. Yes, that, despite the fact that once she is forced to drink alcohol through a tube in a pub in Paris and she witnesses pole dancing by her friend’s friend in full glory. All this while soaking in the myriad of experiences  as calmly as possible she gets being in different continent thousands of miles away from home. 

It is heartening to see Kangana Ranaut in this film. She strikes a chord right from the word go. She is totally in sync with the story and her character Rani. Looking every bit vulnerable, naive she is simply oblivious to a life beyond Rajouri Garden and saddi Dilli. Yes, she goes as Rani and comes back as ‘Queen’ but that metamorphosis is very believable. It is not shown to be like magic, like she transforms into a hot ‘phoren return’ chick within a day of reaching Paris. No, folks. That doesn’t happen. She pines for her fiancé almost till midway of her trip. One sees that difference in her mindset and her overall change in the personality just about at the end of her rendezvous with Paris. She finally finds herself, her freedom there. She goes with a heavy heart like it has tons of burden on it and comes back with her heart as light as a feather.  I am sure all the single girls out there could identify with Rani and her quest for finding herself, her freedom, as a woman, as an individual. That is aptly reflected in the scene when she tells her half French half Indian friend – “hamare yahaan to ladkiyan dakaar bhi nahi de sakti”. Or in another instance where she kisses an insanely handsome Italian guy purely on an impulse and physical attraction. And she comes out of the situation without feeling morose and guilty about it!
Kudos Vikas Bahl, and loads of love and Congratulations to Kangana for pulling off such a charming film!


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