As sweet as the name suggests, Barfi! did not prove  to be anything else. It is a sweet, touching and feel good film. Barfi! is the story of Murphy, who is deaf and dumb and so he barely manages to pronounce his name. But atta boy! He woos the new girl in town with his carefree heroics and absolutely no holds barred attitude towards life. Yes, despite him being differently abled. However, there is a roadblock in his love story. The girl he loves is soon to be married and unfortunately does not have the courage to go against the rules laid out for her. Things though, take a different turn and Barfi stumbles upon an autistic childhood friend. Life then becomes a roller coaster for all the three. Barfi’s lady love is drawn to him on account of some unpleasant circumstances. Barfi is now the autistic girl’s guardian and he simply cannot let go off her. At the same time, Barfi’s ex lady love has separated from her husband to be with him. In the end, both Barfi and his childhood friend die peacefully in each other’s arms and sadly and the girl Barfi had loved is left alone.

The saga of a deaf and dumb guy and an autistic girl played brilliantly by Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra is lovable, funny and yet it wrenches your heart to the core. The third angle, played very well by Ileana de Cruz is equally laudable. The screenplay in some areas is confusing, but you can surely sidetrack it! There is no loud, head banging music, or much of dialogues. The lead star cast emotes fabulously well without them. It seems that they don’t need them at all. You can see it all in their eyes, gestures and body language. Ranbir Kapoor’s antics are sure to remind you of the great Raj Kapoor and Charlie Chaplin in an enjoyable way. Ranbir Kapoor adds his special touch to the role. All said and done, Barfi, I feel is a celebration of life, and conquering your drawbacks and giving a damn about what life throws at you. Barfi tell you to be free spirited and be in the now and be happy and of course be Barfi!


  1. Good attempt Medha! But the first cardinal rule of writing a film review is NOT GIVING AWAY ITS STORY. Here, you have revealed the movie's end! There are people like me who want to see it desperately... at least you should have given a warning (spoiler alert)!


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