Dial M for Maharashtrian?

Well, this is my first blog, so I guess, I would go with writing about what I saw latest. So here goes…
I guess what with regional or to be more specific linguistic identities getting stronger and stronger and the political scenario being what it is, it was no wonder that a movie on the current political and social turmoil in Maharashtra would be made sooner or later. Well the reason I gave this long circuitous intro was because I recently saw this Marathi film ((being a true Maharashtrian that I am) “ Mi Shivaji Raje Bhosle Boltoy”.
It was a total propaganda in favour of the ‘marathi manoos’ with the protagonist imagining himself getting some much needed advice from the ultimate icon of a Maharashtrain- Chattrapati Shivaji. The king prompts the protagonist (a middle class, god fearing and sincere Marathi fellow being sniggered at by those who are largely responsible for running Mumbai- the Gujratis, Marwadis, Sindhis and Punjabis) to stand up for himself.
It is a very clever movie, which entwines some of the facts which have led an average middle class Maharashtrian to be almost non-existent in a Mumbai full of non Maharashtrians. On the other hand it comes to an exaggerated conclusion where a marathi producer has changed his name to a Marwadi/Sindhi name so that it doesn’t seem down market! ( How ridiculous! )
The protagonist is made to realize that to some extent this non existent marathi manoos is responsible for his own condition in this city of dreams by not dabbling into civil services like North Indians or into business like the adroit Marwadis and Sindhis etc.
To add to the issue of linguistic identity, this movie smoothly embarks to other teething issues in our country like corruption, apathetic attitude towards voting, and so on.
But all said and done, think the movie gives a very effective portrayal of the current socio- political scenario. Ultimately it’s the time for the quintessential ‘marathi manoos’ to do good for himself in the film and all is well that ends well!
Jai ho!


  1. Nice first blog! Mentioning the Shiv Sena and MNS participation in the film's events and making the film a vehicle for their campaigning(ideology) will add more tadka to your blog. Keep penning more such stuff!!!

  2. good stuff. you should be a writer ya.. lol. The writing style makes it clear that you wrote this with a lot of passion and jhil... cary on jaani!!


  3. Hi, medha! Reading the artilce was a interesting. Being a guy from north India, i have closely exprerienced the socio-political situation in Maharashtra. No doubt,the movie is intelligent but i guess where will all this converge us to? Empty Mumbai of outsiders(recently north indians) or to find better solutions! let God decide that! KUDOS!WELL WRITTEN kundan


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