Sex and The City, Carrie Bradshaw and More

Many of us, including me fantasize visiting the ‘Big Apple’ or New York City once in our lifetime.  Well, I have not yet got a chance to actually go there till now.  But hey, along came Carrie Bradshaw and her girl pals and introduced me to New York City with the show Sex and the City. I was immediately taken in by the basic premise and charm of the portrayal of the journey of these 4 girls. I adored all the quintessentially girly stuff in the show. (It is another story if I myself would ever be able to carry those Blahniks and D&C’s with such elan J).
The character I can most relate to and love is Carrie’s (apart from the host of relationships). She is a columnist and is not afraid to speak her mind. Whatever happens in her life, she has her girl friends whom she can bank upon for support. Although she loves all the other 3 – Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda, I think, Miranda is the first one she calls or goes to in troubled times. Yes, be it New York or Paris or London, you need one friend like that who would be there for you, anytime, anywhere, beyond the limitations of the clock or geography. And atleast in the show, fortunately, this has not changed, despite a decade of their friendship. Carrie’s change of tone while speaking is immediately noticed by Miranda and vice versa.

What strikes me the most along with all this is the fact that all these 4 have a fetish for fashion. However, it is in their distinct way. Yes, these could be the typical women stereotypes, but still there is something remarkably different about them. They are not pretentious. It is refreshing to see that. They have a lot of things common between them; still it is easy to what renders them different from each other.
Goof ups in the company of your besties are where I think memories are carved and etched in our minds. Nothing else gives such unbridled joy. Carrie Bradshaw’s adventures and travails and her switch on and switch off with Mr. Big and how she deals with it with the help of her three friends is interesting to see, atleast for me. And that is the proof of how goof ups in life can be fun too, when your best buddies are around.

Watching this show for some time now, I realized that be it the Pink City (our very own Jaipur) or New York City or any other, the hopes, desires, aspirations, challenges and bonds of friendships are the same everywhere for women. 


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